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Frequently Asked Questions

Q What's with the frog?
A The frog and pollen photo is one of my favorites and inspired this application and it's little brother Frog Slide for iPhone/iPod Touch.
Q Can I get my photos made into a puzzle set?
A That is under active consideration. If you are interested, email us for more information.
Q Will Frog Jig run on my iPhone/iPod Touch?
A An iPhone/iPod Touch version is currently being tested. Due to the screen size on the iPhone/iPod Touch you can only have puzzles with up to 48 pieces or the pieces are too small to manipulate. We are testing with 16, 25, 36 & 48 piece puzzles and they play well and with all of the features available in the iPad version. The release date for this has not yet been set.
Q It's very difficult to see dark pieces against the black background when building a puzzle.
A Version 1.0.1 will replace the black with a light green that make seeing those dark pieces much easier.