IconFrog Jig
for iPad

Frog Jig is a jigsaw puzzle in a box - or rather an iPad! Bringing you an authentic puzzle experience - the only thing you miss out on is loosing pieces!


REALISTIC PUZZLE: When the photo is cut into a puzzle the pieces fall and pile up at the bottom of the screen. Like real pieces they land randomly and even upside-down! When you move a piece from the pile into the work area they stick, but until stuck they are loose like a real pile of pieces. If you rotate your iPad the pile of pieces will fall to the new bottom edge, bouncing and flipping to shuffle the pile.

PIECE CONTROL: Touch and drag pieces around the screen, tap a piece to flip it over. To spin a piece touch it with one finger then rotate a second finger around it until it is in the desired orientation. For less exact control you can double tap to rotate the piece clockwise to the nearest 90 degree angle. Flick a piece in any direction but up and it will fall into the pile, flicking up will toss the piece into the work area where it will stick. You can triple tap a piece to release it from the work area and it will fall back into the pile.

MULTIPLE PHOTOS: There are 10 puzzle sets available for Frog Jig, each of which contains three different photos in a particular theme. The first sample set comes free with the app and the other nine can be purchased for $.99 each.

Critters Series:

Growing Series:

Outside Series:

More puzzle sets will be available in future versions!

PHOTO ALBUM: As a bonus with your first puzzle set purchase you will receive the ability to select a photo from your photo library to use as your puzzle!

COMPLETED PUZZLE GALLERY: When you complete a puzzle from one of the official puzzle sets the photo is added to your Gallery where you can view the photos as a slideshow or copy them to your Photo Album!

THREE DIFFICULTY LEVELS: By default, Frog Jig creates a 48 piece puzzle but you can also choose 100 or 225 piece puzzles.

Frog Jig is available now for $1.99!