IconMeet Me Here
for iPhone & iPod Touch

Let people know where you are with a simple shake!

Meet Me Here is a simple location sharing application that sends an email with your location to anyone with an email address.


SEND EMAIL: A shake or a tap on the big red button preloads your current location into an standard Mail composer window where you can customize your message.

COMPATIBILITY: Recipients do not need to have Meet Me Here installed, they don’t even need to have an iPhone or iPod touch. Every email generated by Meet Me Here includes two URLs to display your location; one for other Meet Me Here users, and for everyone else - a link to Google Maps. Your Latitude & Longitude is included as well.

INTEGRATED MAPS: Tapping the View Map button will flip to a Google map view centered on your current location. When you receive a Meet Me Here email, the included link will open the app and flip to the map view zoomed around both locations.

GET DIRECTIONS: When you’ve received a location from another Meet Me Here user you can use the Route button to open Maps for detailed directions.

And best of all, Meet Me Here is absolutely free!